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  1. I have found another great roommate using! Thank you, K - K

  2. I thought your website was extremely helpful. I was looking for a room to rent and it only took me a week using your "My Matches" feature to find several possibilities from which I was able to find one. This may have been faster than normal but I think my search may have dragged on only another week or so if I hadn't been so lucky. Thumbs up to you. Bernie - Bernie

  3. Had more than 6 leads within one week of placing my ad. Your website is truly worthy of special recognition. Keep doing what your doing. I will definitely use your site again if I would ever need to. Less expensive than Craig's List. Like your ideal matching questionnaire format. - Manny

  4. This is the second time I have used this site and I have had very good results from it. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a roommate. - Lorie

  5. This is the first time I have used Your profile matching works very well! I found a lady renting a room that looked just right for me, and saved it to my favorites. Before I had a chance to contact her, she contacted me because I looked like the kind of person she wanted to rent to! I would definitely use your service again, and I will recommend it to my friends! - Georgene

  6. I recently joined, not knowing what to think, and not thinking I would have good results. I tried another website looking for a roommate but the website ended up being questionable. It wasn't until I joined that I had a good experience. I found a roommate quickly. The process was very easy and whenever I had a question, Jessica from was quick to respond and helped me in user friendly language. As I said I found a potential roommate who stopped by to look at my home and a few days later I had a new roommate. My roommate is honest, quiet, kind, clean and a great match for my personality. If it wasn't for I would have never found a great roommate. I would recommend to everyone I know. Thank you again for your great website. Best regards - Antoinette

  7. I am thrilled that the two times I did find roommates in the past two years was via - Marlene

  8. Found a roommate pretty quickly. We met and got along great, lots in common. We finally decided to both move into a new place that was more central to both of our interests. Found a great rent, we mesh well and we are settling nicely. Thank you, - Joyce

  9. I didn't just find a roommate on, I found a great friend! #BestSitePeriod! - TJ

  10. Thank you! I have found a roommate through in just two days. is a great site because, it offers a better quality and caliber of serious minded people who are seeking a quality place to call home. Thanks - Progressive

  11. I just want to thank this website for helping me find my soul roommate. About 8 years ago, I used this service and found a life long friend. We lived together about two years and then moved to a new address together, where we lived for another 2-3 years. We no longer live in the same apartment, but we've remained best friends for as long as we've known each other. I'm a witness on his marriage license! I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. Because I had such a wonderful experience using this site, for last 8 years I recommend to everyone I know. I just referred someone yesterday! - Rae

  12. Thank you for providing such an awesome website I have found a roommate from your website it was just only two days. Thank you. - Aneta

  13. Great site! Found a place to live in less than a week! - Carmelo

  14. Thank you again. You found me a roommate again. has never let me down. My last roommate has been with me 2yrs. And I just replaced her. So Everyone use Roommates. com. They have come thru for me. - Jan

  15. Thank you SO MUCH!!! This was my first time using your site & my first time looking for a roommate... It was so easy, & I found the PERFECT roommate!! You guys rock & if I ever need to find a new place to live I'm coming back here!!!!! :-D - Menitha

  16. Thank you so much for this site! I found the perfect roommate and couldn't have done this without the help of! I have been stressing about finding a place to live but thank goodness for your accurate matches that found the right fit for me! So happy! - Kiana

  17. The best decision I made was to create a profile on!!! I was able to find very compatible roommate with in 2wks of subscribing to this website!!! Thank you so much, I would recommend this site to everyone looking for a roommate. -ang - Angie

  18. is a GREAT web-sight. We always find good and trustworthy roommates from this sight! They are better than the people we know. Use it and enjoy! - Judy

  19. In today's housing market it is difficult to move quickly however roommates are increasingly available. I found a job while I was with a roommate in Arizona and was able to start a job quickly in California via - Laura

  20. I found a roommate through Just this weekend a new tenant signed a lease on my available room. We are a good match. This is the third roommate that I have found using, and they have all been good long-term tenants. Thank you! - Susan

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